JAINA 2019 Convention
"Celebrating Jain Religion in the 21st Century"
Jai Jinendra,
Where can you connect and network with over 3,500 Jains across North America and learn from over 80 distinguished Scholars and Leaders? The JAINA 20th Biennial Convention in Los Angeles on July 4th Weekend!
JAINA is recognized as one of the most influential associations of Jain's in the World and the JAINA Convention is the signature event for all Jain's across North America. The JAINA 2019 Convention will be a gathering of over 3,500 Jain Family & Friends across North America and the World, who will have the opportunity to meet and listen to over 80 distinguished Scholars and Leaders.
The JAINA 2019 Convention Board & Committees along with over 250 Volunteers have been diligently working hard to make the 20th Biennial JAINA Convention in Los Angeles a memorable event for you and your family.
Please see the some of the Highlights that we have planned below. We recommend that you Register at www.jainaconvention.org as soon as possible as we have a limited capacity and already have over 2,600 guests registered for this unforgettable event.
Gurudev Namra Muniji
Acharyashri Roopchandraji
Acharya Chandanaji
Acharya Lokesh Muniji
Manak Muniji
Charukeerthi Swamiji
Gurudev Rakeshbhai Jhaveriji
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Guruvanandji Swamiji
Saman Shrutpragyaji
Gaur Gopal Das
Nipun Mehta
Tulsi Gabbard
Ingrid Newkirk​
Philip Wollen
Rahul Kapoor Jain
Jay Jain
Sparsh Shah​
Jain Academic Bowl
Jain Connect
Young Jains of America
Young Jain Professionals
Jain Philosophy
Health & Diet
Women Empowerment
Climate Change
Health & Well-Being
Cruelty Free Living
Bollywood Night
Jains Got Talent
Cultural Programs
Convention Center
Disney World
 Los Angeles
To Register and for more information please visit www.jainaconvention.org
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