Jai Jinendra,
Dear Sadharmik Brothers and Sisters,
The Election Committee is announcing the Election process for the 2020 to 2022 term. All members who are interested in contesting must complete the (2) two attached forms (Certification of Nomination and Nomination Form) and submit them together. Please review the eligibility and requirements before submitting the completed forms.
This letter and forms are being e-mailed to all the members whose email addresses are on file with JCA.
These forms will also be available at the Temple as well as at the JCA web site www.nyjaincenter.org to download and print.
JCA Certification of Election Nomination Form
Election Nomination Form
As per the constitution of Jain Center of America, and the decision of Board of Trustees, nominations for the following positions are open for the period from January 1st 2020 to December 31st 2022.
* Board of Trustees from Benefactor Members (5) Five positions by selection
* Board of Trustees from Patron Members (5) Five positions by selection
* Executive Committee (13) Thirteen positions by election
* Board of Trustees from General Membership (3) Three positions by election
This letter is an official notice of invitation of nominations from the members to contest the upcoming election.
The date, time and place for the election and selection are as follows:
Date: Sunday, December 8th 2019
Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Place: Jain Center of America, 43-11 Ithaca Street, Elmhurst, NY 11373
Note: Positions for Board of Trustees from Benefactor and Patron members will be allotted through a selection process, and the election by voting process will be followed for all other positions.
All Nomination forms and Certification of Nomination forms fully completed and signed, must be mailed to the address below, no later than post mark date of October 25th 2019. Any nomination received which is postmarked with a date later than October 25th 2019 will be considered invalid.
Election Committee will not be responsible for any loss of nomination forms in mail. It is recommended that all Nomination form and Certification of Nomination form are sent by certified mail. Personal or Hand delivery to anyone anywhere is not acceptable.
All Forms should be mailed to:
Dr. Chandravadan Shah,
JCA Election Commissioner,
75 Ridge Road
Searingtown, NY 11507
Following are some of the Election Guidelines based on the Constitution:
1) All voting members eligible to be a Nominator to nominate a nominee must at least (21) year of age.
2) Members over age 21 and in good standing shall have the right to vote. Both the spouses are eligible to vote in person per each valid membership.
3) Anyone under the age of 21 is not eligible to vote and children over 21 years have to be members in their own capacity, which would give them their own right to vote based on their own membership number.
4) To be eligible to vote, the effective date of membership must be at least 1 year old and the minimum dues for membership have been paid in that year. The effective date of membership is considered to be the date on which the membership was approved by the Executive Committee. So the effective date of this membership should have been before December 8th 2018.
5) All members will be required to show positive identification to prove their identity and it is the responsibility of the member to prove their eligibility to vote.
6) Voting will be by secret ballot in person and the ballot will be issued to the eligible voting member at the polling station. No absentee ballot will be allowed. Members eligible to vote must be present to vote.
7) No Canvassing will be allowed within 50 feet of the premises of the NY Jain Center on the day of election.
8) Immediately after the election, counting & selection from patron nominees process will take place in the temple. At the counting station, each contestant or one of their designated representative will be permitted to observe counting & selection. The Election Committee will announce the final & official results of the election & selection process, & will inform the Board of Trustees in writing.
9) No more than 13 nominees should be marked with your votes for Executive Committee and no more than 3 nominees should be marked with your votes for Trustees from General Membership position. Any ballot with more than the maximum specified numbers of votes in any category, then that category with excess votes will be treated as an invalid ballot for that category.
We request all members to exercise his and/or her voting privilege. Let us make this Election and Selection process a fair and successful one with your full cooperation.
Thank you all for your support.
Yours Truly,
Dr. Chandravadan Shah
JCA Election Commissioner
E-mail: aandcshah@gmail.com
Election Committee Members:
Mukesh Ajmera
Sunil Daga
Mayur Shah
Vijay Mehta
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