Jai Jinendra,
Dear Sadharmik Brothers and Sisters,
We Need Your Support!
Elmhurst and New York City have been home to our beloved temple - JCA since 1981 and unfortunately this community is the hardest hit in the nation with COVID-19.

Inspired by our JCA Volunteers and many frontline workers from Jain Community, we are pleased to announce that JCA has decided to set up a JCA Action Plan (JAP) committee in response to COVID-19 headed by the Chairman and the President of JCA.

JCA is already coordinating support for our area hospitals starting with the Elmhurst and Jamaica hospitals. From Wednesday, April 22, at least 200 Jain meals will be delivered for the hospital staff and frontline personnel every week. Gradually, we plan to expand this to other hospitals, community workers and First Responders.

JAP is a 4-pronged action plan to help our community-at-large in these challenging times.
1. JCA Helps - Several of JCA members and their families including senior citizens are facing a hard time. It can be a need for food, groceries, medicines because they are quarantined OR any other hardships.
We request such families to reach out to us by either filling out this form:
Click here to fill the form >Click here to fill the form
Or Call / WhatsApp - Ritesh Shah (President, JCA) @ 646-269-0958 OR Abhay Kothari (Swamivatsalya Committee) @ 516-314-6937 or any member of BOT, EC or Relegious Coordinators and let us know about your hardship.
JCA Helps Coordination team will look into each request and will contact you if help can be arranged. Please note that this service depends on the nature of the request and the availability of the volunteers. Should you need immediate attention for an emergency, please call 911.
2. JCA Volunteers - This crisis needs more volunteers. Be it helping to prepare meals, delivering food and groceries to the needy, coordination efforts, phone support, etc., nothing can be done without the Seva by the selfless volunteers. Please fill out this form if you can help:
Click here to fill the form >Click here to fill the form
Or Call / Whatsapp any of - Ashish Ajmera (Administrator, JCA) @ 516-633-7354 or Sanjeev Samdaria (VP, JCA) @ 917-881-9736 or any member of BOT, EC and RC.
JCA Volunteers Coordination team will match up the volunteers with the JCA Helps requests. It's imperative that every volunteer takes adequate precautions to protect themselves and others. Please note that this is a volunteer activity at your own consent to help the community.
3. JCA COVID-19 Fund - JCA BOT has approved a seed fund of $10,000 towards the setup of the JCA COVID-19 Fund to support JCA Helps efforts. We are setting a goal of raising at least $50,000 towards the cause. We request all the members to donate generously. Every dollar collected will be spent towards our COVID-19 response only.
You can donate online on JCA Website:
Or Click Here to Donate online through Paypal
Donate online through Paypal
Please Call / Whatsapp any member of BOT, EC or RC for your donations pledge.
All your donations to JCA are 100% tax-deductible and thus would go further to help in need.
4. JCA Plasma Donors and Patients Support - This applies to people who have recovered from the infection and have been symptoms free. If you are willing to help new patients by
1) Providing them moral support and hope by sharing your experiences
2) Donate your blood plasma to save the lives of critical patients, then, please let us know your name, phone, location, and blood group by filling out this form:
Click here to fill the form >Click here to fill the form
Or WhatsApp Chinmay Jain (917-551-0097) or Archana Jain (631-835-3840) or any member of BOT, EC or RC.
We are setting up a registry of the donors whom we can contact if we get any requirement for such life-saving donations. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and may only be shared with the Red Cross or any hospital which may need help.
Please Note: JCA's Response is on the best effort basis. JCA can not be held responsible for the availability and quality of service provided by any of its volunteers.
We are confident that the entire JCA Sangh will support JCA Action Plan (JAP). It's time we give back to our city wholeheartedly. We again request all the members to continue to keep themselves safe and don't panic. Let's pray for a fast recovery for all the infected people and safety of the frontline personnel, and bring peace and forgiveness to all of us; "LIVE AND LET LIVE".
Thank you all for your support.
Thanks and Regards,
Board of Trustees
Executive Committee
Jain Center of America, NY
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