Jai Jinendra,
Dear Sadharmik Brothers and Sisters,
We are pleased to inform you confirmed dates for Mahavir Jayanti Cultural Programs. Thanks to all for your efforts to get this confirmation. More details on the schedule will be provided. Please block your calendar.
Mahavir Jayanti Cultural Programs has been Postponed due to Coronavirus Situation.
Mahavir Bhagwan Janma Kalyanak celebration is one of the main events that we plan at JCA.
In order to plan the cultural event, we will need all Participants and Directors to register. Registration must be completed by February 2, 2020. Please use the following link to register. Please indicate all the details as requested on the form.
We request all program Directors and Pathshala Teachers to give us your program name, details (dance/drama), # of kids & program duration at the earliest so we can plan. Please note that this is a platform for Children and Directors from all Jain traditions to participate, but, the participant must be a member of JCA.
If anyone interested in participating and is not a member, you can become a member of JCA. It could be either a Life Membership or Annual Membership. For more details on how to become a member, you can contact JCA website or contact JCA's management office.
We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your participation during all our events.
Warm Regards,
Board of Trustees
Executive Committee
Religious Coordinators
JCA Staff and Volunteers
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