Jai Jinendra,
Dear Sadharmik Brothers and Sisters,
All visitors are requested to follow social distancing of staying 6 feet away from others and wear a mask when inside the temple. Please follow all instructions as listed below.
Please Note: Change in Temple Timings
Temple Hours from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on all days
If you have not become the registered members of JCA, then please fill the membership form out at the JCA office to sign up for Life ($301) or Annual ($51) membership.
JCA Request Cooperation from Sakal Sangh
in Current Reopening Phase-4
We are in phase-4 of reopening in the NYC area that allows for 33% occupancy in temples. For the welfare of everybody, we ask all visitors to follow the following protocol when inside the temple:
1. Measure your temperature upon entering the temple. If the reading shows greater than 37 degrees C., please leave the temple for your safety and the safety of everyone else.
2. Social distancing of staying 6 feet away from others
3. Wear a mask all the time when inside the temple. Make sure that both nose & mouth are covered with the mask
4. Only four people are allowed in the elevators at a given time.
5. Youngsters are encouraged to take stairs; leave elevator for seniors
6. Maximum capacity allowed in each floor at a given time (including volunteers):
a) 16 people on 1st-floor lobby
b) 83 people on the 2nd floor
c) 36 people on the 3rd floor
d) 40 people on the 4th floor
7. New York State Regulation does not allow indoor dining for public gatherings. Please do NOT eat in temple premises.
Since we still have limited occupancy, temple employees will be monitoring occupancy. In case when we reach maximum occupancy in any floor, you may be asked to move to allow others to do darshan as well.
Please listen to the instructions from the
JCA Employees / EC / Volunteers for the safety of everybody.
For any questions related to the events at JCA, please email events@nyjaincenter.org.
Thank you all for your support and looking forward to seeing all of you.
With Regards,
JCA NY Board of Trustees
JCA NY Executive Committee