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Message from President

Jai Jinendra
Dear Sadharmik Brothers and Sisters:

It is a great honor and pleasure to address the Sangh as the President on this auspicious occasion of Paryushan Mahaparva and Das Lakshana. Me and my entire Executive Committee, which is represented by all different traditions, feel honored and fortunate to serve our vibrant community. Our Executive Committee is comprised of a dynamic team of proven leaders, and all are committed to serve Jain community over the years. We request support from all of you to help and guide us so we can carry on the tradition set by past committees to take JCA to new heights as per the vision given to us by our founding members. This new administration’s primary focus is to get each and every member involved in the activities of our temple.

I am proud to report that JCA has continued to make progress. I would be at miss if I do not acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our past Chairman, President, Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, Senior Citizen group, BhojanShala Committee, Religious Committee, Web Committee, Art Gallery Committee, Jivdaya Committee, Administrative Committee and above all our Employees and Volunteers for bringing great new ideas with better planning and hard work. If anyone has any expertise in particular field or skill which could help our Sangh, we would love to discover you.

As we plan and execute for the Paryushan of 2016, I request all of you to take the maximum labh of the events. We are blessed that we will be celebrating the Paryushan under the guidance of our spiritual Gurus, who have made significant contribution to Jain Dharma. Over the course of Paryushan they will provide us valuable direction, thought provoking and inspirational discourses to enlighten our souls. With folded hands and utmost respect, we welcome Shri Pravinbhaiji Sanghavi, Shri Manak Muniji, Shri Fulchandji Shastri and Pandit Mahesh Kumarji Jain.

Temple runs on member contributions and donations. I request you to please continue with your generosity and it will be immensely helpful to receive all outstanding pledges ASAP for smooth management of temple’s cash flow. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Lake Success project is our dream which is finally seeing the light of successful completion. Finally, all the plans are approved, and now we are actively raising funds to start the construction. We are confident that with the support of such a huge Sangh, in no time we will be have a 200,000 sq ft. area of the land with built up of 47,800 sq ft., 250 car parking space, separate Auditorium, Dining area, Library and a Courtyard. It’s easy to commute as it’s next to the expressway. With all the benefits, I am sure we will all love to go to this temple and leave a heritage for future generations. Please help us to raise the fund.

In planning and executing of the events, if for some reason, we knowingly or unknowingly hurt you by thoughts, action or speech, kindly let the Executive Committee know. Michammi Dukkadam as it would not have been our intention.

We look forward to your participation in all the events.

Warm Regards,

Kalpana Gandhi Sanghavi

President, JCA NY