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Acharya and Scholars Visiting JCA in 2015

Shri. Pravin J. Sanghavi

He comes from Walkeshwar, Mumbai. He has had his Dharmik education for 6 years of complete course at Mehsana Pathsala. 5 Pratikaman, 9 Smaran, 4 Prakran, 3 Bhashya, 6 Karmagranth, Panchsangrah, Kshetra Samas, BrihadSanrahani, Tatwarth with Arth. He has experience of 30 Years of teaching as Dharmik teacher, 11 Years at Babu Amichand Panama Adeshwar Jain Temple, Walkeshwar, Mumbai and 9 Years at Shripal Nagar Jain Temple, Walkeshwar, Mumbai. Number of students studying at present - 400. Book written by Pravinbhai - Sutrarthsar Aatma Uddhar (2 Pratikaman Arth). Pravinbhai has done Payurshan Aradhana done at various places including Japan, Singapore, Houston (USA), Dubai, Bangkok (Thailand), New York (USA) & Israel.

Shri Dr. (Prof.) Dharam Chand Ji Jain

Dr. Jain is Professor of Sanskrit at Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. He also has stronghold in Prakrit language. His thrust area of interest is Jainism and Buddhism. He has done extensive research work on epistemology and logic in Jainism and Buddhism. He also takes active interest in other schools of Indian philosophy and sanskrit literature. He has served as the HoD, Sanskrit (2009-2012) and as founding director of Buddhist Studies Center, J N Vyas University (2006-2011). He is a chief editor of Jinvani- monthly Jaina Journal/magazine since October 1994. He also edited another bimonthly Jaina Journal - Swadhyay Shiksha (1988-2002). He has edited more than 25 books on Jainism and Buddhism. He has chaired sessions in various national and international seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences.

Shri Dr. Abhay Dagade

Professionally working as a Family Physician for last 30 years Dr. Abhay Dagade has studied many ancient Granthas such as: the Chhaha Dhala, Tatwarth Sutra, Ratna Karandak Shravakachar, Samaysar, etc. He has been arranging and conducting Swadhyaya classes twice a day in Shri Parshwanath Digambar Jain Mandir in Kopargaon. He worked as the chief of Digambar Jain Samaj in Kopargaon from 1999-2001. He helped with the construction of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu Chaityalaya. He arranged and conducted the Panchkalyanak Pratishtha Mahotsav there as well. He has given lectures on various topics in many different cities.

Acharya and Scholars Visiting JCA in 2013

Acharya Shri Chandanaji Maharaj

Acharya Shri Chandanaji is one of the greatest and most incredible jewels in the history of the humanitarian and Jain World. She has encouraged, inspired and touched millions of souls through her kind words and deeds. She established Veerayatan centers in Rajgir, Bhuj, Bombay, Pune, Bangalore, and also in USA, UK, East Africa, Singapore, Dubai and many other countries.

She began her spiritual journey at the very tender age of twelve. She took Diksha at the age of fourteen in Mewar, Rajasthan. In 1972, the year that marked the 2500th year of Lord Mahavir Nirvana, she accepted the challenge of revitalizing the State of Bihar, India; where Lord Mahavir had his three “Kalyanaks”. With her incredible vision, dedication and perseverance, she has rekindled Lord Mahavir message of kindness, compassion and humanity at every step where she set foot. Several national and international newspapers, magazines and television stations have interviewed her. She has also received many national and international awards. But the name and fame has not touched this pure acetic. She is just in her own world, preaching, teaching and spreading the message of Peace, Ahimsa, Jainism and humanity.

Veerayatan is based on the principles of Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana. It has been carrying on its humanitarian work benefitting more than million lives. Most notable work was post Gujarat earthquake in Bhuj district of Gujarat. Currently they operate many schools and colleges in Gujarat and Bihar as well as a hospital in Bihar.

Amongst many publications, “Bhav Dhara” mirrors her purity of thoughts, words and deeds. Acharya Shriji is an eloquent and versatile speaker on Jainism and humanity. Her artistic ability and creativity is demonstrated in several museums, such as the “Kala Mandirams” in Rajgir, in London, and in Kenya. She is the first Sadhviji who has ever been elevated to Acharya in Jain History.

Yogeshbhai Shah - the Brain and the Grain

One of its kind personalities - powerful, energetic and result oriented - he generally talks less and acts more, a true quality of a successful leader. He is heading almost all activities of Pu. Gurudev mission - be it jiv daya, sadharmik avaas yojna(Mumbai), choviar house(Mumbai), navsari or ahemdabad tapovan and so on.

In his early twenties, he represented the whole jain community to central and state government of India. He contributed all the skills and time of his young age to establish Tapovan itself. His whole life is an exemplary bio to learn from. He is a true devotee of Pu. Gurudev and ‘the Brain and the Grain’ of Pu. Gurudev mission.

Vardhman Sanskar Dham - you would not find one who doesn’t know about them, based in Mumbai their activities are spread all-over India. For any emergency or crisis situations, VS Dham has thousands of young volunteers ready to take care further with all possible means and modes - relief work to Tsunami, Surat flood, Mumbai flood, Bundelkhand drought, Jhaarkhand flood, Maharashtra drought and they help in every possible manner to their best; He is the trustee of VS Dham.

His speech on current topics and specially on topics against westernization should never be missed, one can probably observe the glimpse of Pujya Guruma himself. They say ‘Extraordinary speeches are ordinary for him’ As a lecturer, he has visited Chicago, New jersey, Los Angeles, London, Nairobi, Mombasa and many places of India. By profession, he is the managing director of Veer Energy & Infra Ltd. a listed company.

Pandit Mahesh Kumarji Jain

Pandit Mahesh Kumar Jain is a renowned scholar who has studied various religious scriptures including: Tatvartha Sutra, Sarvarth Sidhi, Karma Kand, Ratnakarand Shravakachar, Samayasaar, etc. He has studied and done in-depth analysis of Karnanuyoga.

He was the head Lecturer in the Shri Jain Shraman Sanskriti Sansthan in Jaipur, India. Pt. Mahesh Kumar Ji has over thirteen years of teaching experience. He has taught in various colleges including ones in Jaipur and Madhya Pradesh. He has given lectures in Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Surat, Jhansi, Jabalpur, Shivpuri, Lalitpur, etc.

His foreign trips include Bangok, Thailand in 2006, and the United States in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He has been the visiting scholar for Paryushans/Das Lakshans in New York and San Francisco. He was heavily involved with various religious camps held throughout India including camps in Jaipur, Bhopal, Udaipur, etc. He has been an active leader of many Vidhans and religious functions. His publications include: Hindi translation of Jain Prayers and other philosophical matters published in Jinbhashit & many other magazines.

Tejasbhai Shah - Charming and Bright Tapovani Student

Associated with Tapovan since 2000, started as a student at class 8 and finished high schooling (commerce) with securing place in the top 10 rankers in the state of Gujarat, India. Currently practicing Chartered Accountant based in Ahmedabad. His lectures on Asthanhika and Kalpa-sutra in London last year made people cry, laugh and feel the power of jain knowledge. Simple talks, straight explanations and clever wisdom are his unique styles of pravachan which he gained over a period of time with the blessings of Pujya Guruma. Also fluent in English workshops for youngsters! He is one of the key members of the Tapovan new admin team.

Samprati - Sangeet Bhakti ni sahaj masti

Talented music scholar, performed various types of pooja and poojans. when Jinaybhai was asked his introduction he replied “Samprati wins hearts through ears, I personally like to be in his bhakti - bhaaav vadhaare ane bhav ghatade evi :)” Among the top 3 tapovani singers who will make you dance make you celebrate make you sing make you calm and make you merge with god. Prahbu mahaveer janma kalyanak this year is going to be unique with his presence. Most elderly people of his family are devoted to Pu Gurudev activities of Tapovan, sangit-bhakti, vaiyavach and jivdaya. By profession, he is into family business of diamond jewellery based in Ahmedabad.